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Hot Air Balloon Ride

what a terrific gift for a
-- or to take a ride  --
Just for Grins'

You will be grinning from ear to ear as you float smoothly above the earth.

Surprise your special 'someone'
with a romantic evening balloon ride, and watch the stunning sun-set.

the smooth and quiet gliding through the skies on an early morning.

It is so quiet, you will listen to the dogs bark at you and the people below as they talk.

Truly an experience you will not soon forget! 

You will wish the trip never ends!

St. Louis Ballooning Adventures, LLC

 Conducts balloon flights year round.  They can fly twice a day, depending on the time of the year and the weather, which affects flight times.

Early morning flights:  You will meet just before sunrise and view the sunrise while gliding above the ground. 

Late afternoon flights: For the late afternoon flights, you will meet us about 3 hours before sunset.  What a view it is - watching the spectacular sunset from a hot air balloon.

For balloon flight activity the weather conditions are more conducive for flights at these times.

To ensure a safe flight the winds must be less than 10 MPH at landing time.  Flying early in the morning and late in the afternoon gives us our best chance to conduct our flights. 

St. Louis Ballooning Adventures, LLC has a perfect safety record and intends to keep it that way, so if there are any questions about the weather conditions, we may have to re-schedule your flight for another time.  The pilot in command has the final decision involving all aspects of the flight.

Hot air ballooning began on November 21, 1783 in Annonay, France.  Your ballooning experience can begin today St. Louis Ballooning Adventures LLC operates safe and professional balloon rides in the St. Louis and St. Charles county areas.  Travel in a Cameron balloon at heights from 500 to 3,000 feet for approximately 1 hour, as we depend upon mother nature for wind and direction.  Since we travel with the wind there is no sensation of motion or height.  The only sense you will experience is one of peace and tranquility as you look down upon earth.  Sometimes we will touch the tree tops and occasionally skim the water, depending on wind conditions.  You will slowly travel the countryside looking down on the horses, an occasional deer running through the fields and also hear the neighborhood dogs bark or the children yell and wave - wishing they were where you are.

St. Louis Ballooning Adventures LLC conducts balloon flights year round - twice a day (weather permitting).  Your flight includes travel to the launch site and a return trip back to your vehicle in our clean and comfortable chase vehicle, a "First Flight" Certificate and a bottle of champagne or grape juice to salute your adventure.  Most of all, your flight includes FUN!

To book YOUR flight go to the "Terms & Conditions" page.

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